New Jersey Regulator to Preparing for More Transparent Reporting

Updated On Apr 3, 2024 by Cameron Bishop

New Jersey’s Division of Gaming EnforcementSummary:

  • New Jersey’s gambling regulator will switch from a license holder reporting style to the skin reporting alternative.
  • This will provide more valuable insights regarding individual casino and sportsbook operators’ performances.
  • The measure will be enforced starting April 16.

New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement has announced it would change the way it currently reports gambling operators’ performances.

The regulator will transition from the current license holder reporting style to the skin reporting methodology.

This will allow it to share more valuable insights regarding individual operators’ numbers.

Expected Tweaks in Monthly Revenue Reports

At the moment, the body that is also responsible for regulating licenses, monitoring the market, and releasing monthly and yearly financial reports for NJ licensees is also busy disclosing monthly data concerning the operators’ reported proceeds.

The overview of these proceedings focuses on operators’ sports wagering, iGaming, and casino activities, offering an insight into the revenue reported for the past month while also showcasing the YoY and year-to-date comparison.

The same statistics issued every month by the state regulator break down casino wins, which also include table and slot games, and iGaming activities revenue from sports betting.

While the regulator breaks down each operating segment for every licensed operator, the details are summarized in such a way as to only feature information for specific licensees, and not individual skins.

The upcoming changes will tweak these monthly revenue reports, as announced by PlayNJ, making them more transparent and rich in details concerning the revenue reported by individual skins.

The switch from the license holder revenue reporting methodology to individual skin revenue reporting will more clearly disclose the performance of individual sports betting and iGaming and operators.

Who’s in the Lead?

Eventually, the new reporting style will ultimately reveal who is in the lead, putting speculations to an end once and for all.

While FanDuel has been long considered the ruler of the NJ legal gambling market in terms of operators, it has all been speculation based on loose data, which is soon about to change.

The new measure will come into effect on April 16, a date that will also mark the release of March’s financial data.

The state regulator is also expected to release the January and February reports that will feature the newly enhanced level of detail.

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