Neblio Launches First Version of API Suite, Following Successful Beta

Updated On Mar 6, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Neblio (NEBL), a blockchain based platform for enterprise distributed application development, announced the launch of Neblio Orion – a multisignature Neblio wallet with NTP1 token support, following a successful beta.

The news pushed Neblio Cryptographic Token (NEBL), the medium of exchange in the Neblio Blockchain Platform, to a high of $18.84 in Binance. The wallet is for testing purposes.

Difficulty and inadequate developer skillsets are seen as the major obstacles inhibiting the adoption of blockchain technology for developing distributed applications in the enterprise and business worlds.

To overcome these obstacles, the Neblio Platform is built from the start for enterprise distributed application development.

About Neblio platform

It s a development platform built to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of distributed applications on the Neblio Blockchain, and potentially other blockchain networks in the future.
The Neblio Platform will provide the fully open source APIs, tools, and services needed by business and enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy distributed applications.

A suite of RESTful APIs, in almost all of today’s popular programming languages, will allow developers to intuitively interact with the Neblio blockchain network without having to know the complex details of blockchain technology.

Deploying a new Neblio node to support an app on the Neblio Network will be a simple process. In industries where an application or group of applications may need to run on a private blockchain, Neblio’s open source nature enables quick and painless private deployments.

Scalability and reliability

The Neblio network’s massive scalability and reliability make it a perfect fit for enterprise and business customers to run Tier 1 applications vital to their day to day business needs. Through decentralized mesh networking, Neblio nodes connect to each other relaying blocks around the globe. Every functional node contains an entire copy of the Neblio blockchain at all times, increasing the performance of potential distributed applications since they can choose to interact with the closest or fastest node. This scalability in a global sense can drastically improve application performance and response time while ensuring the information on the blockchain can be accessed nearly anywhere the application is running.

The global scale of the Neblio network also provides enterprise-level reliability. Nodes are able to join and leave the network at will, whether it be by choice or due to downtime, without harming the network. Applications that are communicating with a node that leaves the network will simply begin communicating with another node that also has a full copy of the blockchain.

Language support

Neblio APIs are designed for simplicity. It supports commonly used languages.
• Python
• JS
• .NET
• Objective-C
• Java
• Node.Js
• Go

RESTful Architecture Design

Underneath the language-specific libraries that will be used to create distributed applications on the Neblio network will reside a RESTful API layer. This API layer can be called directly with raw HTTP requests or via one of the language-specific libraries.

Neblio (NEBL) Token

Tokens on a blockchain incentivize network users to secure and operate the network. Neblio use a proof-of-stake consensus model. The Neblio token, NEBL, allows Neblio users to exchange NEBL with other Neblio users while encouraging users via token rewards to stake and help secure the network.

Probable use cases

• Secure records management
• Regulatory compliance & audit trails
• Internet of Things & big data

Neblio Business Services will offer business and enterprise customers consulting services to guide the deployment of blockchain technology, based upon the Neblio blockchain, within an organization.Additionally, Neblio Business Services will also offer custom Neblio node deployment and hosting options where desired by customers.

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