Mike Postle Promises To Clear His Name In New “Wild” Documentary

Updated On Sep 18, 2020 by Natalie Whitehead

Mike PostleA cheating scandal which made headlines in the world of poker for almost a year finally gained closure in June when a federal judge dismissed a massive multi-million lawsuit filed against the defendants – Stones Gambling Hall, Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis and poker pro Mike Postle.

The dismissal of the case was reportedly followed by a “nominal” settlement, but not all of the plaintiffs agreed, including whistleblower Veronica Brill.

Over the course of the cheating saga, Postle, the player at the center of all the allegations, had chosen to remain silent, refusing interviews and even dodging court summons.

The American poker pro had been accused of robbing his opponents of hundreds of thousands of dollars during livestreamed cash games at Stones. He allegedly carried out the act with the aid of an internal accomplice, unnamed in the suit, but widely believed to be Kuraitis. The only time Postle went out to clear his name was during a guesting on Mike Matusow’s show. He had since remained elusive from interviews and refused to issue any more statements.

Now, a year after the scandal exploded and just months after the case was junked, Postle surprised everyone with a lengthy text message to The Sacramento Bee, saying a documentary telling his side of the story is in the works, and based on his text, it appears to be the main reason why he has hidden from the public since the allegations came to light.

Postle promised that the “wild documentary” will shock not just the poker and gambling industries, but the “entire world“. The documentary will be produced by Dave Broome of 25/7 Productions. Postle said that this documentary will prove his innocence, but more than that, it will highlight his “incredible” poker career, and how the scandal affected him and his reputation.

Kuraitis Hits Out At Critics

Similarly, Kuraitis also broke his silence and hit out at the poker community for the paid caused due to their allegations. He said he and his co-defendants had been the subject of social media wrath and cyber bullying and the impact still remains.

Kuraitis penned a four-page letter attacking the critics who he said peddled false information and neglected data that did not quite fit their “versions” of the story.

He specifically mentioned Joey Ingram and Veronica Brill, and the propaganda machine that generated hatred and anger towards him. Kuraitis said the settlement was a complete vindication, but he also pointed out that the real-life consequences the allegations have had on him will be here to stay.

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