Chiefs Fans Who Suffered Frostbite in January May Face Amputation

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Kansas City Chiefs fans who braced extreme temperatures suffer frostbiteSummary:

  • Kansas City Chiefs fans who suffered frostbite at the wildcard game against the Dolphins are facing the possibility of amputation.
  • The game was the fourth coldest NHL game in history, with a wind chill of -27 degrees.
  • 15 fans were hospitalized.

Several Kansas City Chiefs fans who attended the wildcard game that their favorite team played against the Miami Dolphins on January 13 in a battle for the Super Bowl are suffering unexpected consequences.

The Chiefs showed their skill and determination on the field and defeated the Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City while the freezing temperatures reached -4 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chill dropped the real feel to -27 degrees.

The low temperatures marked the game as the fourth-coldest in the history of the National Football League. However, that didn’t prevent Chiefs fans from showing up to support their team all the way.

Unfortunately, some of them may be paying a huge price for their unaltered dedication now.

70% of Frostbite Patients in January Advised to Consider Amputation

According to data from the Grossman Burn Center at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, there has been a considerable rise in the number of frostbite cases in January.

Director Dr. Megan Garcia told FOX 4 that as many as 70% of the respective patients are currently advised to schedule amputations.

Garcia explained that those patients who suffered frostbite injuries during the Chiefs game “are just getting to the point now we are starting to discuss their amputations that might be necessary“.

The center’s director further added that while most people associate burning sensations with fire and “hot thermal injuries”, burns can occur from a variety of other causes, including sitting in freezing temperatures.


15 Chief Fans, Sent to the Hospital After the Game

Grossman Burn Center’s report showed that most of the frostbite cases they handled were American football fans who attended the game.

The report included mentions of one fan who suffered frostbite after taking his gloves off for no more than five minutes, as he needed to set up a tent in the parking lot.

In total, reports at the time of the game mentioned 15 fans who needed hospitalization during the wildcard game.

Seven fans suffered from hypothermia and three others showed symptoms of frostbite.

According to the spokesperson for the Kansas City Fire Department, they also tackled no less than 69 calls related to hypothermia at the same stadium.

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