Texans Likely To Fire Head Coach Culley After Just One Season

Updated On Jan 10, 2022 by Landon Wheeler

David CulleySummary

  • Houston Texans set to sack David Culley
  • Josh McDaniels likely to replace Culley
  • Vic Fangio gets terminated by the Denver Broncos

NFL franchises who have struggled to make the playoffs this season are wasting no time in making bold decisions for the coming season.

The Houston Texans are not very happy with the performance of their head coach David Culley and are likely to sack him. Denver Broncos have already terminated the services of their head coach Vic Fangio.

The Houston Texans brought David Culley on this season to turn things around for the franchise. The Texans have had a horrible season so far and have been on a losing spree. To be fair to Culley, the Texans did not give him a lot of talent to work with and it showed in the final results.


However someone has to take the fall when a team players as poorly as the Texans and it looks like Culley will be on the chopping block. The Texans have confirmed that they will carry out a detailed evaluation of their season so far and could end up cutting Culley after just one season.

This was the first full season that Culley has served as a head coach for an NFL franchise. He could not call on quarterback Deshaun Watson throughout the season as Watson had to sit out as he is facing multiple sexual harassment charges. The Texans were also without the services of DeAndre Hopkins who left the team on a trade.

If the Texans do decide to cut Culley, the most likely candidate to take his place is Josh McDaniels who is the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.

Denver Broncos Cut Vic Fangio

The Denver Broncos failed to make the playoffs and they decided that it was time to let their head coach Vic Fangio go. The Broncos finished this season with a 7-10 record and it wasn’t good enough for Fangio to keep his job.

Fangio has been in charge of the Broncos for three seasons so far and has failed to lead them to the playoffs. The Broncos had a 7-9 record last season and a 5-11 record the previous season. Fangio said the Broncos now had a good foundation to build up and said he believes they will accomplish great things going forward!

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