Global Poker Awards ‘Personality Of 2018’ Final Nominees Are…

Updated On Apr 3, 2019 by Natalie Whitehead

GPI Global Poker AwardsThe final four nominees for ‘Poker Personality of the Year‘ have been announced by the Global Poker Index (GPI), and poker fans around the world have been sending in their votes to determine the final winner. Voting will end on April 3, 11 pm pacific time.

The poker community was given the opportunity to have their say on the outcome of the GPI Global Poker Awards through the People’s Choice Award held annually. The final four nominees that made the shortlist during the write-in phase are Brad Owen, Johnnie Moreno, Lex Veldhuis and Jonathan Little.

The GPI stressed that the People’s Choice Award will be given to the poker personality who served as one of the game’s best ambassadors in 2018.

The winner must leave a positive impact in the world of poker and must have a platform where he/she builds a relationship with his audience through constant engagement.

The final four have all created amazing content on their respective channels in 2018, making each one of them worthy of the award. But only one will be judged the best of the best.

Who Are The Final Four Nominees?

Here’s a quick look at their contributions to poker.

Brad Owen

Surpassing 100,000 subscribers on YouTube is not an easy feat – but Owen did just that after two and a half years of hard work and dedication. Announcing the great news on Twitter, the poker vlogger thanked his fans for sticking around through the good and bad times.

He may have not got into the ‘Poker Vlogger of the Year‘ short list, but the ‘Poker Personality‘ nomination would give him a bit of redemption.


Johnnie Moreno

Here is another poker vlogger who takes time to place the limelight on the challenges and triumphs of the mid-stakes cash grind life. Within one and a half years, Johnnie Moreno attracted more than 26,000 followers while coming up with appealing vlog content on a consistent basis.

Lex Veldhuis

He is the only Twitch streamer short-listed for the People’s Choice Award, but Veldhuis is also in the running for two other titles at the Global Poker Awards – ‘Streamer of the Year‘ and ‘Broadcaster of the Year‘.

The Dutch poker player recently expanded his travel calendar to deliver commentaries at huge live-streamed poker events. Veldhuis’ followers on Twitch currently stand at 155,000, and his channel is presently among the top –five most-watched Twitch streams.

Jonathan Little

The American poker pro is a two-time World Poker Tour (WPT) champ with $7 million in live tournament cashes. He is considered one of the most creative poker strategy producers today, releasing several strategy books, online coaching products, and delivering free live-streamed strategy talk.

He is reinventing the standard for making engaging content accessible to the masses through his unmatched dedication and prolific work.


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