Deontay Wilder Has “Inside Info” On Fury’s Camp

Updated On Nov 23, 2018 by Landon Wheeler

Deontay WilderThe WBC Heavyweight title champ Deontay Wilder surprised a lot people when he said that he was getting inside information about his opponent’s training and preparation strategies. The American boxer is scheduled to fight Brit Tyson Fury, originally for this month but has now moved to December 1 at the Staplers Center in Los Angeles, California.

Wilder has a phenomenal record with 40 fights, 0 losses and 39 of those wins coming by KO. He has tremendous confidence in his ability and usually does not resort to any mind games when facing his opponents.

However, Tyson Fury is a different ball game and could very well be the toughest opponent that Wilder has faced in a boxing ring.

The Brit decided not to train for his fight in the UK but instead decided to set up camp at Big Bear. What happens in training camp is highly confidential as coaches and fighters work out strategies, look to fix weaknesses with their own fighter while trying to expose weaknesses in their opponent.



In a statement, Wilder said

It’s funny, everything he has done or is doing, I have known about – he is in my country. I have eyes and ears everywhere. I have friends all over the world and when people love you, they love you and they go all the way for you.

Whether Wilder is just playing mind games with Fury or whether this is for real – it is hard to tell. However, if Wilder is being honest then it also gives an indication into his mindset that he isn’t as confident as he usually is when going into a fight and wants that extra bit of leverage to get ahead of Fury.

Fury Backed To KO Wilder Inside Of 6 Rounds

The Gypsy King has an impressive record with 27 fights, 0 losses and 19 of them coming by KO. His former sparring partner Dave Allen believes that the 30 year old Fury will KO Wilder before the 6th round is finished.

This prediction is quite the opposition from what boxing pundits are sticking to. They don’t believe that Fury has the KO power to put Wilder down and believe his best chance of winning the fight is via decision. Fury goes into the fight as the underdog and the odds are in favour of Wilder securing yet another KO in his career.

The winner of this fight will not only have bragging rights but will also be in a strong position to call out Brit Anthony Joshua who many consider to be the best heavyweight boxer in the world.

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