Corruption and Bribery Lawsuit Against Steve Wynn & Wynn Resorts Execs Dismissed

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  • Corruption and Bribery Lawsuit Against Steve Wynn
  • Judge dismisses lawsuit on speculation
  • Limcaco To File Appeal

Angelica Limcaco filed a lawsuit in California against former Wynn Resorts chairman Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts executives claiming that they resorted to corruption and bribery to silence.

The case was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Ronald Lew who said that the charges made were based on speculative assumptions that was implausible.

Corruption and Bribery Lawsuit

Limcaco had first filed a lawsuit in Sep 2018 in a federal court in Nevada stating that she was sacked from her job as a saloon manager at Wynn Resorts after she reported that one of her saloon workers was raped by Steve Wynn. Her legal team pointed out that Limcaco had filed a report about the same employee who was named in the Wall Street Journal article.

The Wall Street Journal article came out in 2018 and alleged that Wynn had sexually harassed and molested a number of his female employees. The employee who claimed she was pressured into sex was pacified with a payment of $7.5 million. Judge Miranda Du dismissed this case in April 2019 on the basis that it fell outside the statute of limitations.

Limcaco filed a case in California alleging that Wynn Resorts influenced Judge Du’s decisions by directing funds to a non-profit law office. The lawsuit also pointed out that when a panel was formed in Dec 2018 to pick a replacement for a magistrate judge who was retiring, Barbara Buckley – the former Nevada Assembly speaker was on the panel.

Buckley also held a position as the executive director of the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, which was a recipient of donations from Wynn Resorts going to back to 2017. Before Judge Du could make a decision, Elayna Youchah was selected as the replacement magistrate.

Youchah was the lawyer that represented Wynn Resorts and filed most of the briefs for this case on their behalf. Lawyers for Limcaco allege that Youchah was picked for the position because Buckley and Wynn Resorts conspired.

Limcaco Will File Appeal

Judge Lew said in his decision that there was no cause to believe that Nevada District Court would have made a different decision on the case if Wynn Resorts never made a donation or if Wynn Resorts did disclose their donation. Due to so much of speculation, the case was dismissed.

Limcaco and her team will appeal the ruling and file an appeal in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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