Brave Browser Roll out Ads Trial Program

Updated On Jun 18, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Brave Web BrowserBrave browser functions on the basis of novel concept of blocking all advertisements and trackers that monitors all the websites visited by a person. This eliminates the need for an ad blocker. The browser uses a fundamentally different method of delivering digital ads to internet users. The present delivery model is dependent on tools-based tracking and intermediates who act as a bridge between advertisers and users.

Brave Browser, however, removes the need for tools and intermediates for validating and delivering ads. After a year of development, the Brave Browser team has launched the Brave Ads Trial Program, which will showcase the manner in which online advertisements can be delivered in an efficient manner.

The browser already has received a positive feedback from its users. In particular, the speed with which it loads websites has drawn appreciations from regular internet users. A majority of the internet users have opined that the browser is faster than Chrome and Firefox. Brave Browser offers three options to users: block ads completely, provide whitelist advertisements, or allow users to earn money for viewing advertisements without any kind of blocker. Obviously, the last option is attractive to users who are always looking for opportunities to earn money while performing their regular tasks.

The last option is now on the final stages of becoming a reality with the launch of the Brave Ads Trial Program. Even though, the program is only in the trial phase, still, it has shown how improved browsing experience can be to an ordinary internet user. Getting paid for watching ads is a refreshing change for sparing the computers resources. During the trial period, a user will be shown ‘relevant ads’ a few times a day. This itself is a big relief to internet users who are usually pounded with the same advertisements on all the websites they visit.

For every advertisement seen by a user, BAT tokens will be given as reward to the user. The money received from advertisers is shared by Brave with its users. As much as 70% of profits will be shared by Brave, although it won’t make any internet user rich in a short span of time or assist in paying all the utility bills.

Many internet users believe that it is healthy change. The greatest challenge is to make people start using Brave Browsers. Both Chrome and Firefox will not give up so easily.

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