11-yr Old Bitcoin Book Author Aims To Dropout From School At 14

Updated On Feb 27, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

When grownups holding top positions in the financial sector are finding it difficult to understand blockchain technology, a sixth-grader has published a book on Bitcoin. Andrew Courey, the 11-year old boy from Massachussetts, has published a Bitcoin, keeping in mind the expectations of kids of his age.

While the e-book version of the 57-page book titled “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin” sells for $2.99 in Amazon, the hard copy is offered for $9.99. The title has two meanings: a book meant for kids and how people became rich by investing early.

Courey, the son of a tech investor, wants to earn $20 million by the time he turns 14. He loves Math, but hates going to school. According to an agreement made with his parents, Courey will be allowed to bid adieu to school if he manages to achieve the monetary objective. Courey learnt everything about Bitcoin on his own, by watching YouTube videos about miners and investors.

Although Courey tracked the success stories of investors, he did not make any investment in Bitcoin or any other crypto currencies. His dad Jeff Courey suggested the idea of writing a book in simple language and selling it online for a passive income.

Andrew Courey, who has a younger sister, said “Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies if they’re willing to spend 70 to 80 hours researching every source until they find a couple sources that make sense. The whole book, in the simplest terms, is very easy to read and simple to understand.”

The book has chapters dedicated to Bitcoin wallets, ICOs, and even Ethereum. For easy understanding of the technical Jargons, Courey compares the Distributed Ledger Technology to a Google Docs file. Likewise, while describing a Bitcoin wallet, Courey writes that there’s a public key, accessible to anyone, and a private key, which the owner can only access.

The book explains the technology in simple terms with an analogy:

“Imagine there is a mailbox — the mailman can drive the mail to any mailbox, but only the person with the key can access the mail.”

Each chapter ends with a fun fact related to the topic. The chapter on Bitcoin mining ends by saying that the power consumed by miners “is estimated to be more than that of 159 countries.”

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