Trent Williams Alleges Medical Negligence After Cancer Shock

Updated On Nov 1, 2019 by Landon Wheeler

trent williamsThe Washington Redskins and their star player Trent Williams have been at loggerheads for quite a few months now and there were a number of rumours floating around as to what the real problem was.

Williams started his NFL career with the Redskins who recently fired their head coach and has spent the last nine seasons playing for them.

However, tensions between the two sides forced Williams to ask to be traded but the Redskins did not oblige which made things worse between the two. One of the rumours floating around was that Williams wasn’t in the best of health.

Trent Williams met with the media and finally shared his side of the story. He stated that nearly 6 years ago he had a small growth on his head which he reported Redskin’s medical staff.

He continued to play over the years but the growth never went away nor was there any proper diagnosis given.

The Redskins medical staff grew more concerned during the offseason and asked Williams to have it checked out at one of their affiliated hospitals. The doctors at INOVA hospital were the ones who discovered that the growth was a rare cancer. The medical term for it is ‘Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans’ (DFSP) and it was serious enough that the doctors had to operate immediately. They advised Williams to get his affairs in order in case he did not make it and the news really shook up the 31 year old.



Williams said that the doctors told him that he had come just in time as the cancer was in the process of breaking through his skull and impacting his brain. He spent two weeks in the hospital to have it removed and said during this time nobody from the Redskins paid him a visit.

Redskins Call For Independent Inquiry

Williams is no longer happy to play for the Redskins and may not be able to play even if he wanted to. He tried to put on his helmet but it wouldn’t sit properly on his head and left him in pain. The doctors ruled that he had failed his medicals and could not play. Williams has indirectly accused the Redskins medical staff of negligence and the Redskins are not very happy about it.

The Redskins has called on the NFL’s Management Council and NFL Players Association to conduct an independent review of the matter to see if they are at fault!

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