Off-Strip Ellis Island Casino To Create Larger Gaming Floor

Updated On Apr 10, 2024 by Petar Markoski

Ellis Island CasinoSummary:

  • Planning documents were submitted to Clark County.
  • The casino can offer a more elevated gaming experience with the changes.
  • The venue will have over 6,400 square feet of space with the remodel.

Ellis Island Hotel-Casino is a family-owned and operated casino located off the Las Vegas Strip. The Nevada casino has recently submitted planning documents within Clark County to make a few changes.

An expansion plan is in the works that will add more than 6,400 square feet of space, with an extra gaming area and a sportsbook!

More Details on the Potential Changes

According to the plans, the casino will add more space to the gaming floor to create an enhanced gaming experience. Players will also have access to a sportsbook at the back of the casino. A south service entrance and an audio/visual equipment area have also been added to the plans.

The casino has already removed a microbrewery on-site, which gives them 2,800 square feet of space. This will make way for a large section of the expansion. Once the new area is complete, the space will be located closer to the sidewalk and have a rooftop area for guests.

The casino estimates that the project will take eight to ten months to complete. Ellis Island Casino‘s 56th anniversary is coming up soon, so the changes make perfect sense. According to officials, the project has been on the table for several years now, and it is time for the property to introduce a new aesthetic and offering.

The casino has been operational since 1967. Over the years, it has added more gaming space and purchased the hotel next door. With these changes, Ellis will be able to offer its patrons even more.

Tropicana Closes and Prepares for Implosion

As Ellis Island Hotel-Casino prepares for upgrades, a Las Vegas landmark prepares for implosion. The Tropicana closed down just a few days ago and will become the latest casualty on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino will be imploded later this year by Controlled Demolition, Inc., a company that has demolished other casinos on the Strip.

According to officials, there is a lot of ground to cover before the implosion can take place. The venue will lose two hotel towers and make way for the Oakland Athletics’ new Major League Baseball stadium. The casino has been in business for 67 years.

The baseball stadium will cost $1.5 billion to build and marks the start of a new chapter for the Oakland A’s as they move to Las Vegas. They are the second team to move to the area after the Raiders football team made the move in 2020.

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