Nisqually Red Wind Casino Still Affected by Cybersecurity Incident

Updated On Mar 13, 2024 by Ella McDonald

Nisqually Red Wind CasinoSummary:

  • The casino shut down on March 6 and 7.
  • The venue cannot take new club memberships at this time.
  • The casino website is still inoperable.

Cybersecurity threats are real in the casino gaming world, and since last year, we have seen several venues hit with attacks. The latest victim is the Nisqually Red Wind Casino. The casino shut down last week on March 6 and 7 due to servers going offline.

The casino was reportedly hit by a cybersecurity attack, as discussed on the venue’s Facebook page.

Yesterday, the casino was asked about new Club Red VIP signups and the casino reported that no new signups are taking place at this time.

Club VIP and the Site Are Not Operable

As of right now, the Red Wind Casino website is not working. Clicking the link results in a site that cannot be reached. We were made aware of this issue via customer Facebook posts. Customers also want to sign up for new Red VIP accounts but cannot do so.

The casino has yet to explain when the signups will work, but we imagine they won’t be until the site is up and running again. The casino is still operational, and the games are functioning normally. Just last night, the casino hosted a bingo event with large drawings and announced the March birthday deals.

Players are now waiting for a new update on the attack’s status and any remaining issues. The Washington casino has not updated anyone on the matter since March 8. We expect more news to be posted by the end of the week, if not sooner.

Details of the Cybersecurity Incident

Last week, the casino took to Facebook to state that a team of professionals was working to reopen the casino as soon as possible. By March 8, the casino announced that paychecks could be cashed only for employees and tribal members since the cashing system was down.

The casino’s ATMs were working, but only cash transactions were allowed. No credit or debit cards could be used. All missed free play offers were reissued and added back to guest accounts. This will end on March 15.

So, perhaps the casino will be fully operational by the end of the week? The casino stated that they appreciate players’ patience as they work hard to get the services back up and running.

It will be interesting to see what caused the supposed cybersecurity attack. Was it similar to what happened to MGM and Caesars last year? Or do we have a new culprit on our hands?

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