NFL & NFLPA Approve Virtual Offseason Scheduling

Updated On Apr 15, 2020 by Ryan Knuppel

National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association (PA)The National Football League (NFL) and the NFL Players Association (PA) have confirmed their agreement on a slew of changes related to regulations that deal with offseason activities, such as minicamps and workout programs.

The memo noting these changes was released earlier this week by the NFL Management Council, and was sent to NFL team leaders, including chief executives, general managers, and coaches.

One of the key points from the memo is the creation of a “Virtual Period” and “On-Field Period” in the offseason. The Virtual Period allows teams to conduct online meetings even if team facilities are closed, and covers April 20 to May 15.

The Virtual Period gives teams the freedom to carry out virtual programs with its players via Skype or any other platform it chooses. When the On-Field Period begins afterward, teams can once again conduct their regular offseason regimens under the rules agreed upon in the collective bargaining agreement.

Offseason programs are voluntary. Participating veterans will be given the $235 minimum amount daily, while players’ offseason workout bonuses must be credit should they choose to join in.

For teams who have new head coaches—hired after the 2019 regular season had ended—the agreement will offer teams the choice of commencing the Virtual Period for three straight weeks, and adding a voluntary minicamp for veterans for four weeks of activity. For teams with incumbent head coaches, the Virtual Period can commence for three straight weeks come April 20. Teams must begin their Virtual Period by April 27.

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No Clear Information on NFL Resumption

If this were a regular NFL season, teams with new head coaches would begin their offseason regimens on April 6, a two-week head start on other teams, who would begin their own offseason activities on April 20. The Virtual Period will end once team facilities are allowed to reopen. All offseason activities for NFL teams must end by June 26.

The On-Field Period, marked by teams reopening their facilities, will have to follow NFL protocols, and must not contradict federal, state, or local regulations related to COVID-19. The PA will also have to sign off before it takes effect. If a team facility cannot be reopened during that period, others will have to be closed as well.

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