NBA’s Hornets Push For Sports Betting Legalization In The State

Updated On May 5, 2021 by Ella McDonald

Charlotte HornetsThere are now 25 states that have legalized sports betting and over 10 states that have introduced legislation to legalize sports betting and are holding discussions. North Carolina is one of those states that is pushing for legalized sports betting.

Tribal casino operators in North Carolina currently offer sports betting but punters need to go to these tribal casinos in order to place their bets. There is a push to get North Carolina to legalize sports betting across the state and allow both online and mobile sports betting.

In April 2021, Senate Bill 688 which looks to legalize sports betting in North Carolina was introduced by Senators Paul Lowe Jr. and Jim Perry. They are pushing for legislators to review and approve sports betting by October 1. North Carolina will give lawmakers time till July 30 as this is the last date for them to be in session.

The sports betting bill is also getting big support from the Charlotte Hornets. The popular NBA franchise has had two of its ex-players in Dell Curry and Muggsy Bogues along with team president Fred Whitfield go door to door campaigning for sports betting legalization. GM and president Don Waddell of the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes was also present to support the sports betting push.



The NBA and NFL team owners said it was time North Carolina legalized sports betting and prevented residents from going out of state to bet. They said that a legalized betting market would provide bettors with more safety and security and help eliminate illegal betting operators who are currently thriving in the state.

Things look positive as of now as a report commissioned by the North Carolina Education Lottery in March 2020 showed that a legalized sports betting industry would generate millions of dollars in betting taxes and fees for the state.

Anti-Betting Opponents Protest

However, anti-gambling and anti-betting opponents have opposed the sports betting bill and are campaigning for state legislators to say no to sports betting. The president of the North Carolina Family Policy Council, John Rustin is aware that millions of dollars can be generated through a legalized betting market. However, Rustin believes that this kind of money will bring more harm than good.

Rustin said his organization has also carried out a study which showed that corruption, problem gambling, suicide and domestic violence will also increase with legalized sports betting.

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