More Responsible Gambling Systems to Arrive in Australia

Updated On Jul 8, 2021 by Petar Markoski

facial recognition technology in gamblingVix Vision, a leader in facial recognition technology and video analytics, partnered with Cradepoint’s technology to include more responsible gambling systems at clubs, pubs, and casinos in South Australia.

What’s more, these systems will have facial recognition technology — a new and innovative self-exclusion method.

Over 80% of South Australia’s clubs, pubs, and casinos take advantage of biometrics. Vix Vision uses so-called Imagus face biometric tech, which works through NetCloud by connecting facial recognition devices to a Cradlepoint router, allowing for around-the-clock monitoring.

Since the scheme constitutes a government-managed list of excluded people, on-device facial recognition is not applicable. Fraser Larcombe, Vix Vizion product and channel manager, expressed how necessary it is to create a bullet-proof, powerful, and secure wireless network solution that supports facial recognition devices. He added that they’d got the whole package thanks to Cradlepoint and LTE.

What’s more, Cradlepoint’s router will automatically switch to a 4G network if internet connectivity is lost, allowing users to meet state regulatory requirements and prolong their access to the device and management.

Gavin Wilson, Cradlepoint APAC managing director, expressed gratitude for the company’s role in helping regulate responsible gambling in Australia.

For example, a Hurley Hotel Group staff member reported that an individual tried to enter one of the venues after being on the exclusion list for a few years, looking nothing like they did in their file photo. The new technology will help solve such cases.

On the other hand, Crucial Compliance, a gambling consultancy company, partnered with the Face Recognition Company (FRC) to further enhance its existing responsible gaming controls. FRC said that the company had developed incredibly accurate facial recognition technology that can detect faces even with masks on and in poor-lit rooms. These multi-view cameras will take facial recognition to another level.

Paul Foster at Crucial Compliance said that this technology is cutting-edge, making them all the more thrilled about the partnership. He added that this technology will be integrated into their compliance and BI platforms, taking player protection more seriously than ever before.

Any operators using the Crucial Compliance platform named Crucial Player Protection (CPP) to access FRC’s product will have the opportunity to control alerts through the integrated system, especially if a banned individual tries to enter a gambling premise.

Tim Noest, who acts as the CEO of the Face Recognition Company, said how thrilled they were to have partnered with Crucial Compliance to continue putting responsible gambling first, allowing operators to protect self-excluded players. He added that facial recognition is extremely valuable to the gambling sector and can also help operators be aware of any other individuals regardless of the location. The entire retail system will integrate this end-to-end solution soon.

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