India’s Scoring11 Boosts Its DFS Offerings With New Partners

Updated On Mar 28, 2019 by Ella McDonald

Scoring11Sports Gaming UK recently announced that it has invested in Playsafe Games Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Scoring 11, a new fantasy gaming portal in India. The amount of the investment was not divulged.

With this deal, Sport Gaming UK now has a 20 percent stake in PlaySafe Games. Sources privy to the transaction detailed that the remaining 80 percent of the shares in the company will still be under Harshit Mehta, CEO of Scoring 11 and the Head of Operations for India Bet, which is a free to play betting website.

Scoring 11 also has a licensing agreement with Norwegian B2B fantasy sports provider, Scout Gaming. Under the agreement, Scout Gaming will provide a white-label platform and software for the fantasy gaming portal.

Scout Gaming has also provided the white label solutions for StarPick, another major fantasy sports portal. All in all, Scout Gaming has provided platforms for three Indian websites and they will be part of a shared liquidity network. There will be tournaments and prize pools on offer from the three platforms combined.

The CEO of Scoring 11, Harshit Mehta pointed out the rapid rise of daily fantasy sports in the country. In the last two years, players like Dream 11 have turned out to be extremely popular in India and this propelled Scoring 11 to explore the possibilities of operating a business exclusively dedicated to fantasy sports.

Mehta also noted that Scout Gaming is competitive as they have established a global liquidity network that provides access to top local sports like cricket, while also providing access to international league betting for teams in the World Cup. Mehta believes that that is a formula for success.

India As A Daily Fantasy Sports Hub

Scout Gaming CEO Andreas Ternström highlighted the fact that initially his company was focusing on the European market but after venturing into India, things have expanded at a rapid pace. Scout Gaming is in partnership with three DFS platforms in India and one of them is StarPick.

Scout Gaming is currently providing coverage of cricket – which is the most popular sport in India and Kabaddi which has a strong following across the country. The plan is to add a number of international sports including the English Premier League going forward. The three DFS websites under Scout Gaming will offer a liquidity network, which will translate to a much bigger audience and also better prize pools, making DFS sports in India a lot more enticing.

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