GGPoker Compensates Over 4000 Players Affected by RTA Cheating Scandal

Updated On Oct 9, 2020 by Natalie Whitehead

GGPokerGGPoker has reimbursed more than $1 million in confiscated funds to over 4000 affected players in the wake of the latest cheating scandal to hit online poker.

The site also banned 40 accounts, with another 40 being issued warnings for Real Time Assistance (RTA) usage.

The move comes after German poker pro Fedor Kruse was outed by his roommates for using a solver in his cash game sessions, some of which took place at GGPoker.

Since the scandal broke, Fedor Kruse has preferred to remain silent and not address any of the accusations.

However, GGPoker did take action once the controversy went viral. The online platform has since upgraded its RTA detection methods, intensifying its fight against the use of the prohibited software.

More than $1 Million Seized & Re-distributed

Not only did GGPoker ban players found to be using RTA solvers, it also seized a total of $1,175,305 in funds from 13 of the 40 banned accounts, and that amount has since been returned to the affected players, as confirmed by a source at GGPoker. The site has compensated a total of 4,239 players and the reimbursement process was completed over the weekend, according to some players who were able to receive compensation.

A screenshot of a confirmatory email from GGPoker Network Security sent to the affected players was recently shared on social media. The email states that they have been compensated with seized funds that came as a result of the violation of their rules regarding the use of real-time solvers.

The site also assured players that the culprits have been permanently banned from the platform, though the operator refused to disclose the names of those involved, games and stakes where the cheating took place, as well as the detection mechanisms adopted to identify the offenders.

The online poker room also did not go into the details as to how it calculated the compensations for each player, but it said the process had been carried out as fairly as possible.

Affected Players React To Reimbursement Move

While GGPoker made an effort to amend a wrongful act, some players aren’t happy with the distribution of funds. Some claimed the compensation they received wasn’t enough to make up for the losses they’d incurred after playing against players who used solvers.

GGPoker reportedly compensated some players with as high as $1500, but others only received as little as $40.

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