ANJ Aims to Reduce Excessive Gambling With New Strategy Plan

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L'Autorité nationale des jeuxSummary:

  • ANJ’s strategy plan for 2024-2026 focuses on addressing excessive gambling and protecting minors
  • The plan comes as the number of problem gamblers in France continues to rise
  • ANJ recognizes the substantial progress made by operators but more needs to be done to protect players

French gambling regulator Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has announced a new strategic plan that primarily aims to strengthen the protection of minors and reduce excessive gaming and its social impact.

As part of the plan, the agency has introduced new responsible gambling measures and guidelines that French gambling operators must adhere to, with a view to ensuring people keep their gambling under control.

ANJ to Prioritize Reduction of Excessive Gambling

Publishing its strategic plan for 2024-2026 (French), ANJ highlighted that player protection has always been at the center of its regulatory policies since its establishment in 2020. The regulator acknowledged the significant progress made by gambling operators in this area but noted that problem gambling remains a serious issue in the country.

Between 2014 and 2019, the number of French gamblers classified as “moderate risk” remained at 1 million, and while that’s still a high figure, there had been no significant increase observed during that period.

The same cannot be said for the number of excessive and problem gamblers, with ANJ noting that the figure jumped from 200,000 in 2014 to nearly 370,000 in 2019. More worryingly, there has been evidence that minors have been participating in gambling activities. The figure will be updated as soon as the results of new studies become available.

As indicated by existing data, the prevention of excessive or pathological gambling, and more importantly, the protection of players, remains a major challenge for France’s regulatory policy, ANJ concluded. This is why the regulator’s strategic plan for the next three years will focus on addressing this major issue, and operators will play a crucial role in making that happen.

Operators are required to submit their action plans from September onwards and implementation of such plans will be strictly monitored by the ANJ.

The regulator also published new guidelines for online gambling operators on identification and support for problem gamblers. These practical guides identify good practices and provide examples of concrete solutions and tools that operators can adapt. The guides will be regularly updated based on the latest results from scientific research and feedback from professionals.

ANJ Calls for Cooperation Among Industry Stakeholders

Following the publication of the new strategy plan, ANJ President Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin has called on all relevant stakeholders, including gaming operators, public authorities, associations, and institutions, to work together and cooperate with the regulator to reduce excessive gambling and provide stronger protection for minors.

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