Emirates Loto Weekly Jackpot Over Dh50m Open To Multiple Countries

Updated On May 14, 2020 by Ella McDonald

Emirates LotoThe recently launched Emirates Loto from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is getting popular with every passing week as there is a Dh50 million weekly jackpot waiting to be won.

Emirates Loto caters to players all over the world, as long as they are aged 18 years and above.

Check their Terms and Conditions to verify your eligibility if you wish to play.

How To Play The Emirates Loto

Here is a primer on how to play the first fatwa-approved lottery in the world.

  1. Purchase a collectable—One Emirates Loto Collectable costs Dh35 each. You can purchase them from over 10,000 stores in the UAE, on their website (www.emiratesloto.com), and on the Emirates Loto mobile app.
  2. Register your collectable—Once you have your collectable, you will have to register them online to mark them as yours. If you want to purchase your collectable through the Emirates Loto website or app, register an account and purchase the collectable you want, which will be marked as yours.

    If you bought a collectable from a physical store, you have to register it on the Emirates Loto website by creating an account, clicking Play Loto, then clicking on Register Your Card—from there, you can input the 16-digit code printed on your collectable. You can also scan the code on the mobile app, if your device is capable.

  3. Play. One collectable counts for one entry to the weekly draw, which you can use immediately, or save for a later date. To use your entry, select six numbers from 1 to 49 and submit your entry. The Emirates Loto app and website allows you to save favorite combinations, as well as a randomizer to help you if you are having difficulty choosing.

This Week’s Emirates Loto Jackpot: Dh50 Million

Collectables are a set of eight cards that contain photographs of UAE landmarks. Each set will be used by the Loto for one quarter, then replaced with a new set. The current set includes Capital Gate Abu Dhabi, Burj Al Arab Dubai and Butterfly House Sharjah. When purchasing collectables online, you are given a choice to receive the cards by delivery (free of Dh15) or to send the cards to charity. Emirates Loto will directly contact winners of their live weekly draws.

The weekly jackpot is seeded by Dh35 million. The amount increases by Dh5 million for every week that the full jackpot (Match Six Prize) goes unclaimed. This week’s drawing already has the maximum jackpot of Dh50 million.

If two Match Six winners are found, the prize will be split evenly. Getting five out of six numbers can net you up to Dh1 million, while getting four out of six can give you Dh300. Three out of six numbers earns you a re-entry to a future draw.

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Pratheep kumar
Pratheep kumar
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Can i play this from india?