Does LeBron… Rest or Play To Help Lakers Break Losing Streak?

Updated On Jun 22, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

Lebron JamesThe LA Lakers are the defending NBA Champions and were also the favorites at the start of this NBA season to win back-to-back championships. Bettors might think twice of backing the Lakers now after the ended up losing four games on the trot.

When you play so many games each season, even the best NBA teams end up losing a few games.

However, when the defending champions end up losing four games in a row, it lets other teams know that the La Lakers are not invincible and they can be beaten.

The Lakers have actually lost 5 out of their last 6 games, four of which are in a row.

The first of those four losses was against the Brooklyn Nets (98-109), the second loss was to the Miami Heat (94-96), their third loss was at the hands of the Washington Wizards (124/127) and their fourth loss was to the Utah Jazz (89-114).

The games against the Heat and Wizards were closely contested games and the margin of defeat was very small. However, the loss to the Nets was by 10 points and the Jazz defeat was a by a 25 point margin and will not sit well with Lakers head coach Frank Vogel.

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What Should LeBron James Do?

The Lakers did well last season because Lebron James and Anthony Davis paired up and proved to be a winning combination. Anthony James is injured and his absence is being clearly felt. It has not helped the Lakers that Dennis Schroder has also had to sit out due to safety protocols.

LeBron James has tried to carry the Lakers and fill the gap left by Davis and Schroder but he has come up short. Some NBA pundits believe that the Lakers need to stop pushing James so hard and give the 36 year old a bit of a break.

They think that pushing James in games hard in games that are a losing cause is going to backfire for the Lakers as LeBron is either going to injure himself or suffer burnout given that the Lakers had only a 71 day rest between these last two seasons.

However, James has rubbished these suggestions and said that he is aware of what his body can and cannot do and he is happy to spend as much time as possible on court! The Lakers next challenge is against the Portland TrailBlazers.

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