Wilder’s Trainer Not Happy With “Throwing In The Towel” Decision

Updated On Feb 24, 2020 by Landon Wheeler

Tyson Fury floors Deontay Wilder in rematchIn a long-awaited clash of titans in the heavyweight division, Tyson Fury kept his lineal heavyweight belt and took the WBC belt from Deontay Wilder after a dominant performance which we predicted that ended when Wilder’s corner threw in the towel during the 7th round, ending the bout.

Fury switched his boxing-centered gameplan from their previous fight—which earned him a controversial tie despite consensus opinion that he out-boxed his opponent and attacked Wilder relentlessly throughout the ring at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. A total of 15,816 fans showed up to see one of the most anticipated heavyweight fights in recent history.

Fury got two knockdowns against Wilder who is widely considered to be the most powerful puncher in the heavyweight division before finishing him off with a flurry of shots at the 1 minute 39 second mark of the 7th round.

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Fury recently sacked his long-time trainer Ben Davison for Javan “Sugar” Hill. Fury had publicised his gameplan of attacking Wilder in the weeks leading up the bout, but few in the boxing world actually believed he would willingly abandon the boxing advantage over Wilder he displayed in their previous fight. In the end, Fury—weighing in at 273 pounds, 16.5 pounds more than he weighed in their first meeting—kept his word by brawling with Wilder and dominating the fight.

Wilder took the loss in stride, praising Fury’s performance and calling him the better fighter for the night. However, Wilder noted that it was not his decision to throw in the towel and that, if he had his way, he would have been preferred to have the fight play out to the end.

Jay Deas who is Wilder’s trainer, stated that it was Mark Breland, a co-trainer, who threw in the towel. Deas concurred with Wilder’s disapproval, saying that Breland’s decision was shared by others in the team.

Fury vs. Joshua Next Big Match

In the last two years, the big fight that everyone was talking about was Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua. The camps for both fighters have never been able to come to a mutual agreement and with Wilder’s loss, it appears that this fight will not take place any time soon.

The match that everyone is now talking about is seeing the two British heavyweights clash. Joshua vs. Tyson Fury needs to happen and boxing fans want to see it take place in 2020.

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