Crown Resorts Demands “Vaccination Status” Of Staff and Guests

Updated On Sep 17, 2021 by Cameron Bishop

Crown Resorts - Vaccine PassportsAfter an increase in COVID-19 cases in Australia, Crown Resorts has requested mandatory vaccination for its staff and guests. The hotel staff will require proof of immunisation from its guests prior to their admission. The same rules will apply to resort staff. Steve McCann, Crown’s CEO, has confirmed that the policy is now set in motion at Crown Resorts locations in Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney.

As mentioned, both resort staff and patrons who want to play games such as pokies will need to submit proof of vaccination (the so-called vaccination passports) upon entrance, as that is the only way to ensure a safe work and gambling environment for everyone involved. McCann took over the CEO position from Ken Barton and now faces a new series of problems, as Crown Resorts is simultaneously fighting to keep its gaming licences.

By opting for mandatory immunisation, Crown Resorts is implementing one of the strictest policies in the country. However, it seems to be positively reflecting on the working staff, as more than 10,000 employees have been fully vaccinated. That means 50% of the Crown Resorts workforce has passed the vaccination check.

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McCann has noted that he is aware of the company’s current legal situation, but he wants to help the staff feel more secure. One of the biggest problems in the company comes from the staff’s dissatisfaction about job uncertainty due to both COVID-19 and the investigation.

However, McCann feels the new vaccination policy will allow all Crown Resorts properties to build momentum and possibly return to normal or create a new normal. The company will continue to operate and provide jobs to previously employed staff as the investigation into Crown Resorts continues.

The CEO has added that he understands some people’s fear of the vaccine, but he still urges them to take the shot. He has also said that such practices will allow for a quicker economic recovery of the whole country. As an incentive, Crown Resorts is offering additional benefits to fully vaccinated employees. Those include three hours of paid leave, an extra sick day, and $36 in gift cards.

Australia is lagging behind some of the world powers when it comes to vaccination. The USA currently has 53% of the vaccinated population, China is at 67%, while Australia is at only 35.5%.

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