Crown Resorts CEO Faces Misconduct Probe, Employees Urged to Come Forward

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Ciaran CarruthersSummary:

  • Crown is encouraging its employees to speak up after it launched an investigation into CEO Ciaran Carruthers
  • Carruthers allegedly intervened to allow banned patrons to re-enter the casino
  • Carruthers was named Crown CEO in Sep 2022 as the operator strives to retain its gaming license

Australian casino operator Crown Resorts has encouraged employees who may have any knowledge about alleged misconduct by the company’s CEO Ciaran Carruthers to come forward.

Carruthers, who was appointed to his role in September 2022, is currently the subject of an investigation over claims he intervened to allow customers back into the gaming floor despite having been blocked by security.

Carruthers Accused of Allowing Banned Customers to Gamble

The accusations stem from multiple incidents in which Carruthers allegedly circumvented company rules and interfered in the job of Crown’s security employees to allow banned patrons to gamble. The first incident, which reportedly happened on November 25, involved an intoxicated woman who was allegedly allowed by Carruthers to enter Crown’s gaming premises.

In another incident, Carruthers is claimed to have intervened to allow a banned customer to access the gaming area. Security had previously blocked that individual from entering Crown’s casino after bringing a minor into the gaming floor. This particular incident is said to have prompted security staff to file a petition calling on Crown’s parent company Blackstone to support them in doing their jobs.

Security employees are also asking for an apology from Carruthers, according to sources with knowledge of the matter but who asked not to be named.

Crown confirmed this week that both incidents are already under investigation and that it has enlisted the help of an external counsel to conduct an independent review of the allegations. A spokesman for the company said they could not issue any further comments on the matter until the review is complete.

Crown Giving Due Importance to Employee Concerns

In a letter to employees, the casino operator urged anyone who may have any information about the incidents or know of other instances of improper conduct at the workplace to speak up.

Anthony Pearl, Crown’s chief legal and compliance officer, stated that the company is committed to supporting and encouraging employees to speak up and promote actions and behavior that coincide with Crown’s code of conduct and company values.

Carruthers is a casino industry veteran, with a career spanning three decades. He previously served as chief operating officer of Wynn Casino in Macau. Appointed as Crown’s CEO in September 2022, Carruthers pledged to make Crown Resorts the “gold standard” for responsible gaming.

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