Conferenza Unificata Proposes Extra Funding To Enact Gambling Reforms

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Conferenza UnificataSummary:

  • The provinces have asked for an additional €300 million in annual budget for the implementation of new gambling rules
  • That’s in addition to the 5% revenue share from slot machines proposed by the Conferenza Unificata (CU)
  • A working group will be formed to study new measures intended for land-based gambling venues

As Italy moves forward with its plan to implement major gambling reforms, regional governments have been asked to support the new reorganization decree which proposes a raft of measures aimed at protecting players, boosting tax revenues, and combating illegal gambling.

They have also been advised to be actively involved in discussions, especially regarding new rules set to be introduced at gambling venues in their respective jurisdictions.

Additional Funds Required for Implementation of Gambling Reforms

The regional governments have indicated their readiness to cooperate with the state but also acknowledged the potential shortcomings associated with the implementation of the new rules. With that, they have asked for additional funds so they can effectively fulfill their duties as part of the upcoming gambling reorganization.

Regional councilors are requesting an extra budget of €300 million each year to keep a close watch on gambling establishments, strengthen problem gambling interventions, and introduce safer gambling measures in their respective localities. That’s on top of the 5% revenue share from slot machines proposed by the Conferenza Unificata (CU), the body tasked with overseeing the cooperation between the regional governments and the Italian state.

CU members have expressed support for the new gambling laws, however, they also recognize the challenges that Italy’s 20 autonomous regions and 100 municipalities may face when it comes to the implementation of the reforms. In that regard, the body has proposed that the government set aside a 5% share of revenue generated from slot machines for regions with the Ordinary Statute.

Italy’s Regional Govts. to Form Working Group

Among the measures laid out in the reorganization decree is gradually reducing the number of land-based gambling venues such as bingos, arcades, and sports betting shops, and designating them in concentrated environments to promote safer gambling.

Italy’s autonomous regions have been required to form a “working group” to examine the contents of the legislative decree regarding new regulations for such venues. The goal is to modernize existing laws to curb criminal activities occurring at the venues.

Italy’s gambling reorganization proposals also place heavy emphasis on combating problem gambling, and regional governments are encouraged to provide their input on the matter.

After obtaining government approval in January, the reorganization decree, which marks the first regulatory evaluation of the Italian gambling market since 2011, will still need to be reviewed by the Parliament’s Finance Committee. The Committee is due to give its opinion on the budget of the decree on February 22.

A parliamentary hearing to be attended by Italian trade associations representing gambling operators is also scheduled for February 7.

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