Chandler Jones Lashes Out At Raiders Management, Deletes Posts

Updated On Sep 8, 2023 by Landon Wheeler

Chandler Jones with now deleted Instagram posts on visit from a crisis response teamSummary:

  • Top NFL star Chandler Jones isn’t very happy with his team the Las Vegas Raiders
  • Jones posted and later deleted a number of revealing posts on Instagram
  • Raiders fans are unsure if he will play in the team’s opening game on Sep 10

NFL star Chandler Jones is an integral part of the Las Vegas Raiders team and adds loads of experience to their defensive end.

Jones who is a brother to UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones signed a 3 year contract with the Raiders for $51 million as a free agent and has completed one year.

Jones Posts and Deletes Revealing Info

All is not well between Chandler Jones and the Las Vegas Raiders management. Jones has used social media this week to give his fans some idea of what is taking place between him and the Raiders management.


Jones posted a picture on Instagram and said that the Raiders sent a crisis response team (CRT) to his house and gave more info on what took place before deleting the post. This is what he wrote in multiple posts combined:

Raiders sent her to my place need to come with us you’re in danger! They had me outside in my draws lol…naked! That lady was rude, then I got to showing her some of them text, and then she switched up. Buddy from the Raiders tried to give me the look, like ‘don’t say anything’.

Jones went on to say in an earlier post that he understood why players took to social media to express their frustration. He said initially he frowned upon the idea but social media was their only outlet to share what was really going on. Jones has also said that he wasn’t very keen on playing for the Raiders going forward but we are not sure if he was speaking out of frustration or if he really meant it!

Jones was allegedly locked out of the Raider’s training facility and is unlikely to play the season opener on 10 Sep against the Denver Broncos. Jones said that if he did not play on Sunday, he would reveal information against coach Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels Will Not Discuss Jones Situation With Media

When the media asked McDaniels to comment on what was going on with Chandler Jones, he put it down to a personal situation and said he would not disclose anything with the media as it was a private matter.

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