Brian Flores Alleges Match Fixing By Owner Of The Dolphins

Updated On Feb 15, 2022 by Landon Wheeler

Stephen Ross & Brian Flores, Miami DolphinsSummary

  • Miami Dolphins ex-head coach says he was asked to lose games
  • Owner Stephen Ross was the one who made these requests
  • NFL Commissioner shares his views on allegations

The NFL season has come to an end but a can of worms has been opened after ex-head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Brian Flores alleged that he was offered money by owner Stephen Ross to lose games during the 2019 season.

Brian Flores claims that owner Stephen Ross offered him $100,000 for each game that he ended up losing during the 2019 season.

The objective was to lose enough games and be in a position to have the number one draft pick for the 2020 NFL draft. Flores claimed that he turned down all of those offers and in the end it was the Cincinnati Bengals that ended up with the number one draft pick in 2020 which they used to bring on board Joe Burrow.

These allegations are extremely serious and the NFL has decided to launch an investigation into the same. The Miami Dolphins sacked Flores in Jan 2022 after three seasons and are now facing a lawsuit from Flores along with two other NFL franchises as he claims they were not keen on hiring black head coaches in the NFL.

Stephen Ross has come out and denied all of the allegations made by Flores. He said that he could not let the allegations slide and remain silent as he was a man of integrity and honour. Ross said the allegations made against him were defamatory, malicious and false. He said that he would cooperate fully with the NFL investigation and defend his personal integrity.


NFL Commissioner Shares His Views

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that these were very serious allegations as it put the integrity of the NFL and all NFL games under the scanner. The Commissioner said that they would speak to all parties involved during the investigation and gather facts and proof to decide if there was any truth to the allegations.

If there is proof to substantiate these allegations, then it could get very serious for Ross as he could end up losing the Miami Dolphins based on a vote by fellow team owners. The Commissioner confirmed that the NFL has a policy in place where other football team owners can vote to remove another owner from the NFL.

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