Brazilian Grand Prix Sees ‘Fight’ Break Out After The Race

Updated On Nov 12, 2018 by Landon Wheeler

Esteban Ocon & Max Verstappen incident, Brazilian GP 2018The Brazilian Grand Prix (BGP) provided some awesome entertainment to millions of F1 fans across the world as Red Bull’s Max Verstappen put on a spectacular performance and was in the running to win his 3rd Grand Prix of the season and his second consecutive win.

However, it wasn’t to be as Verstappen was involved in a crash with Racing Point’s Esteban Oconin the 44th lap that allowed Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton to seize the moment and win his 10th Grand Prix of the season.

Hamilton is having another fabulous F1 season having already secured his 5th World Championship with 383 points that includes 16 podium finishes this season.

Verstappen had to settle for second place and was visibly disappointed with the result. He now has 234 points and is in 5th place on the leaderboard. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel did not have a good run at the BGP and had to be content with 5th place that secured him 8 points and brought his overall points tally on the leaderboard to 302 which puts him in second place.

Verstappen And Ocon ‘Fight’

The action at the BGP continued after the race was done as a frustrated Max Verstappen decided to confront Esteban Ocon. The two drivers apparently have a history and are clearly not the best of friends.

Ocon paid the price for his actions on the track as F1 officials issued a 10 second stop and go penalty which caused him to finish in 14th place. This is the most stringent penalty that the authorities can issue as the next step is a disqualification. While accidents do happen on the race track, more often than not they are solved with an apology.

It appears that Ocon wasn’t very keen on extending an apology for what happened and that further frustrated Verstappen who decided to get in Ocon’s face and get physical with the Racing Point driver by pushing him multiple times.

In a statement, Ocon said

What I am really surprised about is his behaviour after the race. We went on the scales he started to push me and wanted to punch me and stuff and this is not proper

Verstappen also had some choice words for Ocon. He accused him of taking stupid risks and claimed that he has always been an idiot.

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