Prop Bet Involving Isolation In Dark Bathroom Called Off

Updated On Dec 13, 2018 by Natalie Whitehead

The prop bet that made the most noise in 2018 has been called off after both players agreed to a deal. The global poker community was shocked last month when news broke that two poker pros had agreed to a dangerous prop both that involved $100,000 and would be carried out over a 30 day period.

Poker pro Rory Young issued a prop bet to Rich Alati which involved him living in total isolation in a dark bathroom for a 30 day period. Young had spent a lot of time studying the impact that total isolation had on the mind and was confident enough to wager $100,000 that Alati would not last the full 30 days. The deal also stipulated that if Alati could not last the 30 days, he would have to pay Young a $100,000.

The conditions of the bet would provide Alati with a dark bathroom which he would have to live in for 30 days. He would not be allowed any contact with the outside world, no internet, no alcohol or sleeping aids. All he had was a refrigerator and a supply of fresh food, water and multi-vitamins.

The poker world was outraged at this bet as they thought it would have long term negative effects on Alati’s mental health.



Poker Pros Call Off Prop Bet

The two poker pros decided to call off their prop bet earlier this week but it wasn’t because they were facing criticism and pressure from the poker world. The players agreed to a buy-out and Altai received $62,400 from Young who decided to call the bet off as he found that Altai was doing rather well in his isolated dark room.

Altai had stayed in isolation for a period of 20 days and was prepared to go the distance. Young decided that it was better to work out a deal as he could see that Altai was cheerful even though he was cut off from the outside world and showed no signs of being depressed or agitated.

There were some poker pros who wondered if this prop bet was a scam to gain a lot of publicity. Poker Pro John Andress tweeted and asked if the idea behind this was for Rory Young to book a lot of action at odds on this bet and then hedge against a fake $100,000 bet.

Young responded and cleared things up by saying

No. I booked a 10k hedge at 3:1. I lose 85k if he completes challenge and win 90k if he succeeds. Rich doesn’t have any other action on it

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