Paraguay Tightens Controls On Slots Operations With New Law

Updated On May 12, 2017 by Ella McDonald

ParaguayThe gaming regulator for Paraguay, the National Gaming Commission (CONAJZAR) has informing gaming operators of a new law that states that slot machines can no longer be placed outside its specified designated area. This implies that slot machines will no longer be allowed in small businesses such as groceries, local shops and chemists, which is widely prevalent in the country as of now.

The new rules have been introduced in a bid to protect underage adults and minors from playing the slot machines. The regulations have been passed after CONAJZAR signed an agreement with the National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents (SNNA) and the Paraguayan Organisation for Inter Municipal Cooperation (OPACI).

So far regulations for slot operations have not been unified with different municipal government following different rules and frameworks, resulting in varying levels of control.

According to the new law, specific rules as applicable have to be drawn up and enforced at a municipal and departmental level to maintain adherence to the fresh regulations. In case local governments fail to follow the law, the tax revenue from the casinos will not be released to them.

A host of new rules have been laid down as a part of the new law. Slot machines are to be placed in designated enclosed space that have clear rules prohibiting minors from entering. Slots having features that attract children such as panels with animated characters or children’s music are banned henceforth. Handmade slots, slots made from flammable material are also banned.

Municipal governments have been directed to approve operation of gaming machines only if conditions listed in the provision of the new law are met. Slot machines can no longer be placed in public spaces such as sidewalks, plazas or public streets. They are also not allowed within 500 meters of any educational intuitions such as a college, school or university. They cannot be also set up within 500 meters of an already existing casino facility.

The Head of the Gaming Commission Javier Balbuena applauded the new regulations, saying that they would eliminate the rampant misuse of slot machines in the country. In a statement,

Javier Balbuena said,

In recent times there has been a kind of anarchy on the part of the municipal governments and the private sector because there are unauthorized and clandestine machines everywhere in front of schools with machines aimed at minors.

He said that with these new provisions, slot machines operations in the country will now be under the control of CONAJZAR.

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