NFL Set To Ban Players For 2023 Season Due To Sports Betting Activities

Updated On Jun 29, 2023 by Landon Wheeler

NFL Player BettingSummary:

  • NFL is likely to issue a strong statement by banning players who indulged in sports betting
  • The ban will be for the entire 2023 season
  • NFL will also carry out another gambling education session for all rookies

The NFL does not want any of its players to be engaging in sports betting and this policy is made clear to every player participating in the league.

The NFL has allegedly found multiple players who have violated this policy and they are likely to receive a harsh penalty for violating NFL gambling policies.

Multiple Players Will Be Banned For 2023 Season

The NFL is yet to release an official statement in this regard or confirm the full list of players that have allegedly engaged in sports betting activities. Adam Schefter from ESPN reported on June 28 that Isaiah Rodgers from the Indianapolis Colts is one of the players that will get suspended for the entire 2023 season.

The NFL suspended as many as 5 players in early 2023 for engaging in sports betting activities. Two of those players were suspended for just 6 games as they bet on non-NFL games while the other 3 received indefinite suspensions.

This incident did not deter players like Rodgers from indulging in sports betting activities. The NFL started investigating Rodgers in early June for pervasive betting activities which included placing bets on games played by the Indianapolis Colts.

Technology has now made it possible for the NFL to easily detect if and when bets are placed from within any NFL facility. All NFL facilities are under heavy surveillance and it is not hard to detect when the NFL’s gambling policy is breached.

NFL Will Educate Rookies On Sports Betting Policy

The NFL has announced that it will carry out special training on its sports betting policies to help rookies understand the dos and donts in the NFL. The NFL discourages its players from directly betting on NFL games or indirectly betting by getting someone else to do it for them.

The NFL also discourages players from engaging in daily fantasy football and sharing inside or team information with anyone. Players are also instructed to not place any bets while they are in an NFL facility or when they are traveling for an away game or staying at an NFL team hotel. Players are also not allowed to engage with any sportsbook during an NFL season.

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