Ireland Invites Applications for New Gambling Regulator CEO

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  • Ireland looking to fill gambling regulator CEO role
  • CEO will oversee gambling watchdog responsibilities
  • HRB Report Shows Need for Ban on Ads

Ireland’s junior justice minister James Browne has announced the commencement of the application process to fill the position of the new gambling regulator.

The regulator will act as a chief executive of the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) and operate independently under the Department of Justice.

The GRA will be a statutory body that will be established under Ireland’s new Gambling Regulation Act.

Gaming Regulator to Exercise Tougher Control on Industry

According to Browne, the newly appointed GRA will be responsible for the regulation of gaming, gambling, and lottery services that are provided by both non-commercial and commercial operators. The authority will also oversee the advertisement of gambling products and ensure due compliance with the new Gambling Regulation Act.

Previously, the general scheme of the Gambling Regulation Bill published in 2021 sought to enforce stricter age-verification requirements for mobile gaming, spending limits, and a ban on gambling promotions and free bets that aimed to lure customers.

Browne further said that the GRA will be funded by the Irish government in the first few years of its inception. In 2020, the minister had announced that the initial government funding would be between €8 million and €12 million. Gradually, the body would be financed by the country’s gambling industry.

Regarding the chief executive of the GRA, Browne said that the appointee would act as a CEO of the body and hold the gambling industry accountable for its actions. Akin to the regulator in the United Kingdom, its Irish counterpart would have the power to issue fines and impose sanctions on errant entities. Browne emphasized that the cadre assisting the regulator would consist of 100 dedicated and expert public servants, instead of civil servants. The minister expressed his hope for the regulator position to be filled in the next few months.

HRB Report Shows Need for Ban on Ads

A recent report from Ireland’s Health Research Board (HRB) established that over 12,000 adults dealt with gambling addiction, with 125,000 punters being ‘at risk’ of problem gambling. The findings attributed problem gambling to poor socioeconomic status and cited that people from deprived areas are the most likely to develop gambling problems.


Labour Party politician and senator Mark Wall said that the results of the HRB study showed the pressing need to prohibit gambling advertisements. It is expected that the newly appointed GRA would be an efficient controller that will exercise its powers over sponsorship, licensing, and advertising of gambling products. It would also deter gambling practices from being a vehicle or a source of criminal activity.

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