Fabric Token To Simplify Decentralized Applicantions Creation

Updated On Jan 10, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

Decentralized apps or DApps, which run on block chain technology, can be created to bring a big positive change in almost all the business sectors. However, there are very few competent programmers who have the experience of building world class applications. Further, a programmer should also be smart enough to create an intuitive UI (user interface). Such programmers are in high demand and companies which can afford to spend a huge amount will only be able to employ them.

Fabric token hopes to fix these problems by launching an easy platform to create smart contracts. In other words, Fabric token will enable users without any programming knowledge to create their own decentralized block-chain based applications.

The interface will be similar to the “do it yourself” programs, which allow anyone to build a website. The platform will be comprised of four parts. The first part is TokenGen, a web application to create custom tokens and build a smart contract to launch an ICO. The second one is the DApp Workbench, which enables businesses to create their own DApps without any programming knowledge. The BPMN compatible platform can be used to launch smart contracts easily onto its respective block chain.

The platform is powered by the Fabric token and its value depends on the usability, popularity, and adoption of the platform. The Fabric token, which serves as a means of value transfer, can be used to buy smart contract components, fully built DApps and many more. The Fabric token ICO will be launched in February. We can anticipate the platform to further increase block chain technology adoption by enterprises.

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