Brazil, Chosen to Host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027

Updated On May 17, 2024 by Landon Wheeler

FIFA Women's World Cup: Brazil 2027Summary:

  • In a historical voting decision, Brazil has been chosen as the next host of the Women’s World Cup in 2027.
  • The decision was made during the 74th FIFA Congress in Bangkok.
  • Brazil saw off the joint bid from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Exciting news from the 74th FIFA Congress held in Bangkok, Thailand has emerged this morning.

As planned ahead, the congress, which had Thailand as a host for the first time in history, reunited all 211 Member Associations of the football world for a vote on a few critical issues.

Among them, deciding which country or nations will host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027.

On April 17, the day of the congress, Brazil’s bid came off with flying colors against the joint bid from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.


The First South American Country to Host the Women’s Final

This means that, for the first time in FIFA’s history, a South American country will play host for the women’s finals.

The country is familiar with this type of big-scale sporting event, as it previously hosted the men’s finals twice in 1950 and 2014.

The 10th edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2027 will add Brazil to the long list of prestigious hosts from the past which includes France, Canada, Germany, the US, Sweden, and China PR.

Last year, the event was held in Australia and New Zealand and recorded a huge success that Brazil is now looking to build on and duplicate.

FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino, took the opportunity to congratulate Brazil and express his certainty that they “will have the best World Cup in Brazil”.

He also thanked the BNG bid, “who have been fantastic“.

The current holder of the FIFA Women’s World Cup is the Spanish team. The US has so far scooped up four titles, followed by Germany with two titles, and Japan and Norway with one title on the record.

Will the Decision Increase the Chances of a Future UK Bid?

According to the PA news agency, the decision to appoint Brazil as the next host of the Women’s World Cup in 2027 will arguably strengthen the United Kingdom’s prospects of winning a future World Cup bid at some point in the 2030s.

Mexico and the US decided to withdraw from the 2027 bid, choosing to shift their focus on hosting in 2031.

The two would represent strong candidates for the upcoming event, no matter who their opponents might be.

The last time a European country hosted a finals was in 2019 when France won the bid.

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