BOS Calls for Greater Efforts to Address Misconceptions about Gambling Sector

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Branschföreningen för OnlinespelSummary:

  • Swedes believe 23% of the population is addicted to gambling
  • They also think gambling firms only return a small portion of bets to players
  • BOS stresses the need to address these misconceptions to come up with appropriate regulations for the market

Swedish online gambling trade body Branschföreningen för Onlinespel (BOS) has raised concerns over public misconceptions about the gambling industry, highlighting the need to step up efforts to “spread the true picture” of the Swedish gambling sector.

BOS made the remarks in response to its new survey which found that Swedes generally believe that a significant portion of the population is addicted to gambling and that gambling firms generate massive profits from players’ bets.

Swedish Public Believes Gambling Addiction Affects 23% of Population

The study titled “Perceptions of the Gambling Industry Amongst Swedes”, conducted by Swedish research agency Novus on behalf of BOS, looks into the prevalence of gambling in Sweden and the public’s opinions and perceptions of the Swedish gambling sector.

A total of 1,054 Swedes took part in the survey via online interviews. Of that number, 57% reported engaging in gambling activities, with 41% identifying themselves as non-gamblers.

The survey also asked the respondents about their views on gambling advertising and sports sponsorships involving gambling operators in Sweden. According to BOS, the results reveal public misconceptions in these areas, with most of the participants (72%) believing that gambling advertising has been on the rise in Sweden since it launched its regulated online gambling market in 2019.

A further 58% also think that Swedish gambling operators are the biggest buyers of advertisements in the country.

Of those surveyed, 32% have expressed a negative opinion about sports clubs partnering with gambling companies, while 73% do not like the idea of using celebrities in gambling ads.

The biggest misconception unveiled in the study, according to BOS, relates to gambling addiction which has been a hot topic in the country since the re-regulation of the gambling market. The study found that on average, the Swedish public believes that 23% of the population struggles with gambling addiction. This compares to the actual figure which currently sits at just over 4%, BOS noted.

Misconceptions must be Addressed

The online gambling trade association also highlighted false beliefs among Swedes regarding winnings awarded to players, with many believing that operators only return 21% of wagers to players. This is far lower than the actual return-to-player (RTP) rate of 95%.

BOS Secretary General Gustaf Hoffstedt said these misconceptions must be addressed as they play a factor in crafting policies and regulations for the industry. BOS has called for increased efforts to provide the public with a better understanding of how the gambling industry works to minimize misconceptions about the sector.

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