Tron To Release Chrome Browser Extension On July 31

Updated On Jul 21, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

TronWatch has announced the launch of new project TronLink, a Chrome browser extension that facilitates easy access to Tron blockchain. To put it in simpler terms, TronLink is the equivalent of MetaMask, the Chrome browser extension used to access Ethereum blockchain.

Being a browser extension, TronLink has the ability to link the content of a website to a highly secure platform where a user can sign and perform (send and receive) transactions. TronLink offers a concise, but powerful developer API for Tron applications.

In addition to running in a sandboxed environment, the extension uses strong encryption to secure user wallet details. Irrespective of the number of accounts, TronLink is designed to keep funds safe. Users will also have the choice of importing existing accounts as well as create additional accounts.

According to Tron Foundation, “TronLink provides websites with an easy to use developer interface that enables the ability to directly interact with Smart Contracts on the Tron blockchain.”

It is a well-known fact that smart contracts are the foundation for all DApps. With TronLink, it becomes easier to develop games similar to CryptoKitties.

Transactions can be signed and broadcasted by using the API provided by TronLink. Furthermore, developers will be able to “call proxied node api calls selected by the user as opposed to having to directly interface with nodes.”

With TronLink, developers will not only have a great platform, but also a simple, safe way to interact with it. TronWatch further stated that developers will find it easy to create and interact with DApps in the Chrome browser. This facility, according to TronWatch, opens a new world of opportunities. Games, sites, applications, and many other things powered by Tron blockchain are now practically possible through TronLink.

TronWatch has suggested voting button as a use case for TronLink. Imagine visiting to a representative’s webpage and simply use the ‘vote’ button to cast the vote. A developer will be able to introduce voting functionality in a webpage by integrating TronLink

The browser extension will be available for download on Chrome Web Store from July 31 onwards.

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