Thai Police Arrest Over 30 Suspects Allegedly Linked to “macau888”

Updated On Feb 7, 2023 by Cameron Bishop

Chaiwat Kajornboonthavorn linked to macau888Summary

  • Over 30 suspects linked to illegal online casino macau888 were arrested in Thailand
  • Police impounded a limited edition vehicle believed to belong to one of the main suspects
  • The four brothers accused of running the online gambling site remain at large

Thai authorities have arrested 32 suspects with alleged links to “macau888”, an illegal online gambling platform that was the subject of a Facebook exposé by Thai actress Arisara Thongborisut, known as “Due” Arisara.

Thai Police to Conduct More Raids

The arrests were made following multiple raids over the weekend during which police also found one supercar believed to be owned by Chaiwat Kajornboonthavorn, aka “Benz Daemon”, Thongborisut’s ex-boyfriend. In her Facebook post in January, the TV star accused her former partner of being one of four brothers behind the illegal operations of macau888.

The rare supercar, a Lamborghini Mad Bull Liberty Walk Aventador V2, costing as much as 44 million baht, was found during a search conducted by the police at a warehouse in Bangkok. They have impounded the vehicle which is said to be one of only 50 in the world.

According to police from Thailand’s Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB), Benz flew to Hong Kong along with his younger brother identified as “Bright” on January 16, just a day after Thongborisut made her allegations on Facebook. Bright, who is working as a police officer assigned at Suvarnabhumi airport, returned to Thailand on February 1 and had been detained for a week at the Suvarnabhumi Police Station for traveling overseas without approval.

The police will continue to launch raids, targeting more than 40 locations allegedly linked to macau888. Among establishments they have searched so far include the offices of an energy drink company, a pub in Bangkok where Benz frequently hangs out, and a room in a high-end condominium that he reportedly owns. Authorities seized firearms, cars, betting slips, underground lottery tickets, computers, mobile phones, and other properties during the raids.

Main Suspects Remain at Large

The 32 individuals recently arrested by the police had various roles at the online gambling site, according to the CCIB. Some facilitated financial transactions, while others worked as page administrators.

The first suspect held in the case, 28-year-old Natthapong Shina, is still being detained at Thung Song Hong police station. Police from the CCIB said they will block any bail application as the suspect might run away.

Macau888 website has now been blocked, according to the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES). Arisara Thongborisut and her family left Thailand for their safety as police continue to hunt down the main suspects in the illegal online gambling network.

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