iGaming Operators Must Comply With New UK Age & ID Checks

Updated On May 8, 2019 by Ella McDonald

gambling age checksA few years ago, the online gambling market in the United Kingdom was considered one of the most liberal iGaming markets in the world as iGaming operators had a free hand and there was very little policing done by the gaming regulator. This freedom was one of the main reasons why the online gambling market in the UK experienced such significant growth.

The exponential growth of the iGaming industry brought with it a number of problems that the UK government and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) have had to address in recent times. Some of the major concerns that the gambling watchdog has tried to curtail in the last couple of years include an increase in problem gambling, increase in gambling related advertisements, iGaming operators targeting minors and concerns over underage gambling.

LCCP Rules In Play From May 7

While all of the above problems are a headache for the UKGC, underage gambling is getting a lot of priority because the gambling watchdog has received criticism for not doing enough in preventing minors from gambling. The UKGC sent out a message earlier this week informing iGaming operators in the country that the new LCCP rules would come into play from May 7.

One of the main focuses of the new LCCP rules is that iGaming operators must put in place stringent measures to ensure age and ID verification is carried out properly. The main goal behind these extra layer of protection is to ensure that underage gamblers cannot slip under the radar and gain access to online gambling sites.

Safer And Fairer Practices To Be Followed

All licensed and regulated iGaming websites in the UK will now have compulsory to ask their players to provide documentation to prove their age and identity. Only when they have satisfied this criteria will they be allowed access to any iGaming products and services. Some online casinos did not require any verification if players were only trying out the free-to-play games but going forward they will have to verify their account.

From May 7, players have to verify their age and identity only then will they be allowed access to deposits, free-to-play games and be able to take advantage of any bonus or promotion.

These extra security measures are expected to deter underage gamblers from trying to access these online gambling websites in the UK.

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