EthernalGo Offers Centuries Old Board Game, With 95% Reward

Updated On Mar 26, 2018 by Cameron Bishop

EthernalGoThe first board game has completed on EthernalGo and the winners were paid over 0.6 ETH. It is yet another interesting game created on the Ethereum network. A few months ago, Cryptokitties, which has now received funding of about $12 million from investors, became so popular that it caused congestion of the Ethereum network.

Every action from registering to the game, setting a stone and finishing the game is recorded as a transaction in the Ethereum blockchain. The developers behind the popular game, which has been around for centuries, believe that people who enjoy playing the game of Go should be able to earn as well.

To make the game interesting and quick, the developers decided to offer the game with 9×9 boards. This makes the Go game dynamic and fast.


Winner – 95%
Loser – 1% for an honorable loss or 0% for time out
EthernalGo – 4% for an honorable loss or 5% for time out

What is honorable loss?

  • Resigning from a match
  • Passing the turn
  • Leaving the game being timed out isn’t considered honorable.
EthernalGo Go Game
EthernalGo Go Game

To start playing

  • Register and join a game.
  • The first player to join will be the black player and will play first.
  • The match can be cancelled before any other player joins. 100% of the invested amount minus the gas costs will be returned.
  • The second player to join the game will be the white player.

Playing and ending the game

  • Every player will add a stone in their own time, waiting for the blockchain to verify the move and adjust the board accordingly.
  • The time limit per player will be visibleon screen. It is comprised of multiple time periods of several minutes.
  • The game will end when one of the players resign or didn’t submit a move within the allotted time periods. Furthermore, the game will also end if players pass their turn consecutively.
  • Upon claiming the reward, the contract will verify the finishing condition (resign, time out or calculate the score if needed). The funds will be sent back to the wallet.

Other terms

  • Dead stones will not be determined by calculations.
  • Once a player sees they have little to no chance of winning they should resign.

Game characteristics

  • Decentralized multiplayer with gameplay
  • 100% runs on blockchain
  • Fully open source and transparent.
  • Beat your opponent and win Ether
  • Can play multiple games concurrently.

Technical & other requirements

A player must have MetaMask and some Ether (ETH) to get started.

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