Schumacher’s Wife Opens Up After 8 Years In New Netflix Documentary

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Michael & Corinna SchumacherMichael Schumacher fans and F1 fans in general will be keen on watching the new Netflix documentary ‘SCHUMACHER’.

The documentary features an in-depth interview with Schumacher’s wife Corinna Schumacher, who has stayed away from the media and not share private information for over 8 years.

The F1 superstar suffered a life changing injury in 2013 when he was skiing with his family at a resort in France. Corinna admitted that before Michael could start skiing at Meribel resort he told her that he felt the snow wasn’t optimal and that they were preparing to fly to Dubai next.

Michael did not get that chance as he hit a rock and suffered a massive head injury that left in a 6 month coma. Millions of fans sent good wishes and were hoping the F1 legend would recover but Michael has continued to struggle. Corinna then decided to take Michael out of the hospital and move him to their Lake Geneva home in Switzerland.



Corinna said she never blamed God for the accident as she was aware that Michael had angels surrounding and protecting him when he was racing the F1 circuit. Michael Schumacher finished his career with 7 F1 Championships and his legacy is now being carried on the shoulders of his young son Mick who was 14 when his father met with his accident. Schumacher’s daughter Gina was 16 at that time.

Mick Schumacher says that he would give anything now if he could talk to his father once again about their passion for Formula One. Corinna said their family continues to live together to provide Michael with the care he needs and have kept things private so far as Michael was a very private person.

Documentary Goes Back Into Schumacher’s Past

The Netflix documentary does not just focus on the accident but covers a lot of Schumacher’s life. It goes back in time when Michael and Corinna got married while Corinna shares some stories of how they met and why she fell in love with him. You will also see video footage of their wedding and the private side to Michael Schumacher.

The documentary also has interviews many members of the Schumacher family including his father, brother and son Mick. There are also interviews from other racers including Mika Häkkinen, David Coulthard and Sebastian Vettel.

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