Hamlin’s Controversial Super Bowl Jacket Meant “No Disrespect”

Updated On Feb 16, 2023 by Landon Wheeler

Damar Hamlin wearing "Travis Jesus" JacketSummary

  • Damar Hamlin upset a lot of people by wearing a controversial jacket to the Super Bowl
  • Hamlin’s been in the headlines a lot lately after he collapsed during a game in Jan
  • Hamlin issues statement and says he meant no disrespect to anyone

At the end of Dec 2022, very few NFL bettors and fans knew who Damar Hamlin was.

The 24 year old played football for the University of Pittsburgh and was selected by the Buffalo Bills in 2021 in the 6th round of the NFL draft.

Hamlin made headlines on Jan 2, 2023 when he collapsed during a game in Cincinnati and was rushed to the emergency. Scans showed that Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest but he recovered quickly and is expected to play in the NFL soon.

Hamlin Wears Controversial Jacket To Super Bowl

Many of the top NFL players and celebrities in America turned up at Super Bowl Sunday to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles face each other in the final of Super Bowl LVII on Feb 12. This turned out to be a top game as it went down to the wire and the Chiefs ended up winning in the end with a 38-35 scoreline.

While the game did take center stage, there was a lot of side action that caused a lot of attention on social media. One of these incidents was the Takashi Murakami jacket called “Travis Jesus” that Damar Hamlin wore to the game .

His jacket came across as vile and blasphemous to the Christian community as there were designs on the jacket that depicted Jesus Christ in a poor manner. The back of the jacket featured a crucifix with Christ hanging on the cross, blood dripping out of his hands and feet but his face was abstract.

The front of the jacket featured the same abstract face with a crown of thorns and a statement which looked to contract a bible verse that claims Jesus is the beginning and the end.

Veteran NFL player Adrian Peterson was one of those who took offense and called out Hamlin. Peterson said he felt offended by the jacket and said that even though he loved Hamlin, he could not rock with that jacket!

Hamlin Says He Meant No Offense

Hamlin cleared the air by saying he spoke to his parents and could now see how his jacket could have offended some people. He said the coat was abstract art and he never meant to disrespect anyone and was eternally thankful to his saviour!

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