Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan Survives Assassination Attempt

Updated On Nov 4, 2022 by Landon Wheeler

Imran Khan after being shot by wanted suspect in assassination attemptSummary

  • Imran Khan gets struck by bullet in attempted assassination
  • Pakistani current and ex-cricketers condemn assassination attempt
  • Ireland women’s cricket team will continue to play in Pakistan

Imran Khan, who is the former World Cup (1992) winning captain for Pakistan is loved by millions around the world as a player.

In his home country of Pakistan, he is also loved as a player but not necessarily as an individual.

There were many in Pakistan who were miffed when he became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. Khan was ousted as PM of Pakistan in April 2022 and since then has campaigned hard to call for a re-election.

Khan was campaigning in Wazirabad, Punjab towards the capital city of Islamabad. TV footage shows that the former PM was standing on a big container truck with some of his other party members when shots were fired. There was chaos when the shots were fired and footage shows that they were not prepared for such an attack.


Nine people were injured in the attack including Imran Khan and one individual lost their life. Khan suffered an injury to his shin and was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The individual responsible for firing the shots was captured and is said to have admitted that he wanted to assassinate Imran Khan.

Pakistani Cricketers Condemn Attack

Pakistan is currently playing the T20 World Cup in Australia. Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam took to Twitter to strongly condemn the attack.

Imran Khan’s former fast bowling partner and former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram said he was deeply disturbed by the attack and sent out prayers to “Imran Bhai“.

Former quick Shoaib Akhtar also tweeted and provided an update on Imran Khan saying that he is now doing fine and is in good spirits.

Ireland Women’s Cricket Team To Continue Tour

The women’s cricket team from Ireland are currently in Pakistani and are set to play a 3 match ODI series and a 3 match T20 series, you can find the latest Cricket odds from our selected betting sites. There were concerns in the Irish camp when news broke of the assassination attempt on Imran Khan.

Cricket Ireland released a statement and said that they were in discussions with Pakistan Cricket Board and security services. As of now, the tour is set to continue unless there are further developments.

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