Brisbane Casino Look To Employ Thousands Of Australians

Updated On May 12, 2017 by Landon Wheeler

Proposed Crown Casino BrisbaneThe city of Brisbane has approved the construction of a new casino and entertainment complex and is currently in the process of deciding which multi-national consortium gets the construction contract.

The city of Brisbane has to choose between the Greenland Crown Resort consortium which includes Crown Casinos (artist impression of new casino shown left) and the Destination Brisbane Consortium which includes Echo Entertainment Group (artist impression of new casino shown below) .

The new australian casino is set to create thousands of jobs during the next 5 years and will provide employment opportunities to a large number of young people in Brisbane. The Australian Bureau of Statistics had released a report which stated that the rate of unemployment in Brisbane had risen from 9% to nearly 16% in 2013 and 2014. Both consortiums who are battling to win the construction contract have promised to provide thousands of traineeships to young people in Brisbane and give them the skill-sets to work in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Proposed Echo Casino BrisbaneThe Echo Group recently entered into a partnership with TAFE Queensland and has agreed to train 8000 employees if it is awarded the contract.

Crown Resorts also made a counter offer saying that if it is awarded the contract it would go on to construct its very own hospitality college in Brisbane.

The competition between both consortiums is turning out to be extremely beneficial for the people of Brisbane as not only will it create thousands of jobs within the city but will also provide young people with free training to perform those jobs.

Geoff Hogg, the managing director of the Echo Entertainment Group Queensland stated that the partnership with TAFE was a strategic move. In a statement, Hogg said

Students will be trained across food and beverage courses, hotel and entertainment, gaming, security and management programs, so we are already spending $345 million expanding on the Gold Coast for 2017, recruiting more employees, and we will be expanding our training. If successful with our Brisbane consortium bid, Destination Consortium Brisbane will build our own hotel and hospitality school, because now we are talking about an extra 8000 jobs

There are a number of anti-gambling groups who oppose the construction of a new casino as they believe that encouraging gambling in the state will have an adverse affect on society. However, the city of Brisbane has agreed to go ahead with the construction as it believes that casino will provide revenue, employment and also encourage tourism.

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