Megan Rapinoe Hopes Next Gen Of USWNT Will Eventually Get Equal Pay

Updated On Mar 22, 2021 by Landon Wheeler

Megan RapinoeMegan Rapinoe is arguably the best female footballer player in the world at this moment and is currently practicing for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The 35 year old is also the most controversial female football player in the world for her stance on a number of issues and the fact that she is very outspoken.

One of the issues that Megan Rapinoe has championed in recent years was for the U.S. women’s national team (USWNT) to be paid equal pay like the men’s team.

She claimed that female players were being discriminated by getting a different pay scale that forced a number of players to do work on the side just to be able to have enough money.

Rapinoe made it clear that she is not putting on the USWNT jersey out of patriotism but to ensure that she gets the same salary as the U.S. men’s team. The USWNT stood behind her and they filed a lawsuit in 2019 against U.S. Soccer claiming discrimination over pay structures.

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However, a judge ruled against the USWNT and put forward a number of arguments to showcase that the pay scale was different not because of discrimination but because men’s football generated a lot more interested and sponsorship revenue which was then passed down to the players.

The USWNT are appealing the ruling but it appears that Rapinoe has given up on the idea of being paid equally during her professional career. However, she still wants players from the USWNT to be paid equally and hopes that it can happen in the next generation of players.

Rapinoe says that the USWNT has done all that was asked of them from winning the World Cup to filing up stadiums and being the most dominant women’s team in the world. However, women’s football still needs to generate more viewership to bring in more revenues and that will take a lot more time to happen.

Next Goal To Win 2020 Olympics

Rapinoe claimed that she does not want to keep fighting with the U.S Soccer and would prefer to concentrate on her game.

The USWNT is currently preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Rapinoe says that even though there was no certainty that the Olympics would take place due to COVID-19, they continued to train with the goal of winning Olympic Gold!

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