LeBron Issues Apology After Controversial ‘Jewish Money’ Post

Updated On Dec 27, 2018 by Landon Wheeler

LeBron JamesLeBron James is arguably the biggest star in the NBA today and has a tremendous influence on the global basketball market as well as his millions of fans located all across the world. His recent Instagram stories post created a lot of controversy as James posted a line from the song ASMR by Savage which ruffled the features of quite a few people.

The line posted said “We been getting that Jewish money, Everything is Kosher.”

LeBron James has a little under 46 million followers on Instagram and his post quickly stirred up controversy which resulted in a backlash. Being a role model to millions of kids around the world, the statement was taken in a negative light although James pointed out in his apology that it wasn’t his intention to hurt anyone.

James said in his apology that he posted that particular line of the song as he felt it was a compliment but in retrospect understood that it can be viewed with a different set of lens that makes it questionable. The NBA has decided to accept the apology issued by Lebron James and put an end to the matter.

James Becoming More Controversial

LeBron James has had a stellar basketball career and will surely be a member of the Hall of Fame. James stayed away from controversy through most of his career and has made the news for all the right reasons most of the time.

However, these days he is more outspoken and not afraid to address controversial topics or bite the bullet. James has been a huge supporter of the ‘Taking A Knee’ movement and has been a massive critic of President Donald Trump. James recently lashed out at the NFL and made some strong remarks.

LeBron James said that most NFL teams are owned by aged white men who continue to think live slave owners and force their players to do what they are told or risk getting kicked out. The All-Star pointed out that the NBA adopted a very different approach as it valued its players and realized that they were the driving force behind the league.

However, it was just the opposition with the NFL as the franchise owners believed they were the key personnel. It looks like King James will continue being outspoken as he winds down his illustrious career and it will not be a surprise if he stirs up more controversy in the weeks and months to come.

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