Celtics Will Look To Neutralize LeBron To Win NBA Playoff

Updated On May 25, 2018 by Landon Wheeler

boston celticsBoston Celtics go into Game 6 with a 3-2 lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers who were at one stage 2-0 down and know they can make it to the NBA Finals if they pull off a win. Even if they lose, they get another crack at making the NBA finals in Game 7.

The Cavs were outplayed in Game 5 as the Celtics won 96-83 as they succeeded in neutralizing LeBron James and keep his scoring down to just 26 points. James has had to take a flight from Boston back to Cleveland and prepare himself for Game 6 – not a lot of rest for the big man who looks fatigued.

The Cavs have had to rely on James to bail them out of tight situations on a number of occasions this season and it might be catching up with All Star as he has had to put his body on the line for the last 8 months and lift his team.

The Celtics know that it is a lot easier to counter a fatigued LeBron James and a possible lack of sleep in the last 48 hours might be one of their biggest weapons.

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James Still Up For The Challenge

LeBron James knows that if the Cavs are to win Game 6 it will require yet another phenomenal effort from his again and he says he is up for the challenge. He is definitely mentally prepared for the challenge as he is a fierce competitor but is his aging body ready for Game 6.

If the Cavs pull of a win in Game 6 and tie the series 3-3, James will have to fly back to Boston and prepare for Game 7. The continuous back-to-back games along with the tough travel schedule will work more in favour of the Celtics as they have played better as a team than the Cavs so far.

In a statement, James said

I like the challenge. If you put the challenge in front of my face, I'm going to go for it. You start thinking like, 'Is this it? Could this be it?' That's just human nature. And then the other side of my brain was like, Let's go make something happen. Let's go, that's what you here for.

The Cavs will not only have to play offense well in Game 6 but will have to step up their defensive game as well and have a strategy in place to counter Jayson Tatum.

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